Post Sun Oct 16, 2005 16:11 pm

First logs from the north of the Netherlands

I am the first here :horay:

Some logs from the north of the Netherlands, NW Drenthe to be more precise
receiver yaesu frg8800 antenna 30 meter longwire
time UTC; local time is UTC +2 hour

Sunday 16 october

1640khz 13.50h S9 34343 Lady Nachtegaal
1571khz 13.55h S9+25dB 54454 Soto
1620khz 13.57h S9 34343 Unid
1590khz 15.44h S9+5dB 32332 Unid Malibu :?: frl :?:
1648khz 15.47h S9+20dB 44454 Unid
1636khz 15.49h S7 22332 Music: When I want to be a king , no id but the voice sounded very familiar to me :-k , Shortwave :?:

Greetings from a very sunny 8) Drenthe