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Radio Star International on air Sunday evening

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 08:49 am
by Radio Star International
RSI will be on 7685 and 6285kHz on Sunday 26th June

Programme schedule is:

1800 Intermezzo
1830 Evening Spin
1900 Blast Off with Roger Dale
2000 The Matt Roberts Radio Programme
2100 Mailbag with Christopher Phillips
2200-2300 The Saga of The Stations of The Sea Part 1 presented by AJ Beirens
(Originally broadcast on ABC Europe in September 1975 with the history of offshore radio in 4 parts 1958/75 presented by the well known AJ Bierens ex Radio Nordsee International)
2300 Late Date With Roger Dale
2400 Close Down

High power is being used on the 7.6Mhz frequency so the signal should be very good even on a telescopic aerial.