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Post Tue Feb 14, 2006 08:08 am

I can fill in a few gaps for all on this thread having done business with several Greek transmitter suppliers.

Most of the these transmitter suppliers are small scale business's and are based in or around the capital Athens.

By far the most prominant MW transmitter designer and manufacturer is a nice guy called Tassos Epistimonas whose site is here:

I have sold some of his low power solid state transmitters for MW and 49/48mb.

Many of the MW pirate station are not at all technical and are just interested in talking to their radio friends both on the mainland and around the islands.

As you can imagine the signals travel a great distance especially over a sea path and at night.

All Tassos's transmitters use low level modulation with linear amplifiers. IMO far from the most efficient but no doubt simple and cheap to design.

Many stations run very simple antennas such as modified 27MHz base station verticals with ATU's through to much more efficient long wire's. The former lack of efficiency and losses in any matching network is made up for by running large amounts of power, typically up to 1Kw. What a waste!

I think many of these operators do not speak English and so that is but one reason it's difficult to contact these stations.

I have listened to them when I stay with a ham friend in Athens.

There are currently three different AM transmitter manufacturers that I know of all based in or around the capital. One unit has just passed through a testing house and is fully CE / EMC approved, suffice to say it costs more than any of Tassos's products.

Regards to all of you from London, UK

Transmitters 'R' Us

and our new station in Cyprus

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Post Sun Feb 19, 2006 17:43 pm

Thank you Phil for interesting information of Greek pirate radio and tx's!

So they talk to each other on 180 meters. 27MHz is usually used for that
here. But of course you can reach much larger area with power on MW and it is also more interesting.
Now, I understand why they pay no attention to communicate outside Greece.
However, I wonder that there has never been an international pirate radio in Greece despite of hundreds of operators during the years!

Also I have never seen a tx-manufactuter with low power products MW and SW. Nice to know these now.


Harri Kujala
SW Finland

Post Sun Feb 19, 2006 18:38 pm


Sorry if I confused you.

I said that some of the Greek MW pirate stations use 27MHz antennas on MW!

Yes indeed. god knows how they load into them, either with large loading coils or very wide band ATU's.

I was talking strictly about the medium wave pirate stations above 1602KHz.


Phil &

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Post Mon Feb 20, 2006 17:24 pm

You did not confuse me.
I think I understood all right but I wrote my reply badly.

I meant that here in Finland "ordinary" people use (or used; this is passing by) 27 MHz for talking to each other. In Greece they seem to use also frequencies above 1602 kHz for this kind of hobby purpose.

So these Greek guys over 1602 kHz mostly talk to each other, they do not have much musical programmes (only some of them). This also means that they do not give their station-names so often during QSOs, like I have noticed.

I suppose they do not raid these illegal transmitters often in Greece. Pirates seem to announce gsm-numbers so freely.

Also I know there are (or were?) many pirates on FM in Greece broadcasting 24h without a licence and authorities do not put them off air so easily. I have even heard some of them here in Finland on FM.


Harri Kujala
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Post Mon Mar 20, 2006 19:50 pm

Hello Yugoslavia!!
Hi, I am from Greece (Salonika).First of all, sorry for my English! I read your discussion about Greek pirates. I am a Greek pirate but mostly work on FM transmitter. Recently I constructed a 350 watt medium waves transmitter which have for final stage a 813 tube rated at 1400 volts dc. The frequency is 1431 KHz so it’s very difficult to be listened in other countries because other very powerful transmitters broadcast at the same frequency. We use this transmitter for local broadcasting in the local university.
I have heard Greek pirates many times. They have powerful transmitters with electronic tubes. Very popular is the 813 tube, 4-400 tube and russian tubes. A standard operation is 3-5 KVolts DC plate voltage. Usually they use inverted L antennas with match systems because is very difficult to have an l/4 antenna. Usually the greek pirates don’t speak English cause they live in villages and work on farm jobs. So it’s very difficult for them to communicate with foreign pirates. Radio broadcasting is illegal in Creece but rarely the police enforce the relative law. During the day some of them broadcast music from 1450 KHz up to 1600 KHz and during the night they talk with other Greek pirates. Sometimes Serbian pirates try to call them but it’s difficult to have a discussion. Bye

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Post Tue Mar 21, 2006 17:50 pm

Hello Tzitzikas!

If you want to test your transmitter to Finland, I am interested to try to receive you!
The best chance for this might be on 1476 kHz (+/- 1 kHz) at night at
01.05 our time (Greece = Finland same time) when Austrian high-power
transmitter is closed. Also it is possible between 1632 - 1690 kHz.

Could you also listen my Greek-mp3-clips at ?
I am interested in to know what are the stationnames (+ telephone-numbers).

You can also find my e-mail from there.

However, just one week ago I talked with one local Greek here.
He promised that he can phone to some of the Greeks pirates (with Skype from
my home) - and ask addresses etc.

Let's see.

Harri Kujala
SW Finland

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Post Wed Mar 22, 2006 13:00 pm

Harri Hi,

Just today i found out that site and become very interesting about your topic.
Regarding the mp3 clip with the greek amateur I identify Radio Anatolia from Kilkis city (northern Greece) and his mobile phone is 6979374704.
As regard pirate AM broadcasters I can surely say that many of them are using high power amplifiers (5 to 15KW) and their main interest is not to become international ones but to have the strongest signal within Greece.
Pirates broadcasting from cities usualy are using short (~10 to 20m) vertical antennas but the lucky ones from province usualy have dipoles or inverted L monopoles.


Post Thu Aug 10, 2006 22:45 pm

hi there!

i just wanna say hello and give my greetings to MW pirates (AM) from all over the world, especially from our continent Europe.
Please let us introduce ourselves...
My name is Dimitris, ADONIS (not Antonis, but 'Adonis= an ancient person in Greek mythology, someone like the god of love) and our station broadcasts on 1685 KHz from the central part of Greece, in the suburbs of Larissa city, from the locally known ''Niko's A1 Studios'' ! We're three persons and cousins - coincidently!
Me, Dimitris ''Adonis'' in behalf of my cousin Nikos A1, & his brother Stefanos parizianos (''parizianos'' means a person who comes from Paris) send you all our appreciation for your good work on this web site.
So, my buddies in order to keep each other in touch and exchange and share our ideas about AM pirate stations, let me give you my email address: Code:

feel free to send me via email any audio clips you may have to translate from Greek to English for you, or any information you want to gather.


more UPDATED INFO: pls check this out-->

cooming soon the most accurate internet site for the Greek (Hellenic) MW community!

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