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Glasgow MW logs

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 20:55 pm
by undigest
15th March

1665kHz, UNID heard testing at 1933UTC. Calling "Hallo amateurs" and "Testing 123". Off air 1935. Fair signal but low mod, SINPO 34322. Earlier I heard part of an SMS no, which I forgot to copy...

16th March

1645kHz, Zender Barcelona heard giving close-down announcements in English at 0016UTC, followed by music and 0018 s/off. 34333. Barcelona's one of the few Dutch stations regularly heard here after midnight UTC...

17th March

1665kHz, Carolina Zender, heard with music followed by ID and reports at 2308UTC. Off air 2310, back again 2323-2325 with reports to Monte Carlo and Electron. 34333. Mp3 available (anyone have an email address?)

1645kHz, Baro playing Dutch music at 2315UTC, followed by ID and report to Mi Amigo. 34333.

1655kHz, UNID (definitely the operator of Bandoeng, recognised his voice and the mention of Kampong, but didn't catch the name). Heard giving reports at 2327. Strong signal but swamped by local TVI. 42332.

All frequencies +/- a few kHz...
FRG-7 + 1m loop.

Best to all!