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MV Loggs from Halmstad 23-24 Dec

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 12:13 pm
by Goran

1620 UNID station (I have ID but can’t really copy it – fast talking Dutch OP) SINPO 44444

1648 Jaap van Blitzkikker 23.40 with rapport and polka SINPO 44444

1649 De Orion with report to Spanningzoker, Santana, Spakenburg, SINPO 22222

1655 Sender Santana 18.48 Dutch mx and several ID SINPO 33333

1655 Tent Spanningzoker station report to Elektron etc 23.20

1657 Tent Spakenburg 23.28 report Peacon, Santana, Mi Amigo, Elektron

1660 Sender Corona 21.54 with polka music and announcing phone nr 06 51 55 (29) …
always good signal of them, Keep it up.

On the following freq I could hear Balkan or Greek pirates 1669 1650 1653 1666 and 1674 and several more. These where strongest. 1721 clear Serbian station.


1643 Radio Strandjutter 00.48 “Dit ist Radio Strandjutterâ€

Sender SJR ???

PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 10:50 am
by Goran

When I listen to the last of my recordings about an UNID on 1655 heard the 24th of December I can hear the ID as SENDER SJR auf Rotterdam.
And the OP talks a little bit and then mx "Whit or whitout you" And also polka is heard

Later a station which I get ID as Sender Buidenzorg gives and report to SJR and then after some minutes SJR gives report back.

Can someone provide me with info about this station? So I got two new stations, just great.