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After a long time, again some logs from the MW band.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 00:34 am
by pjk
9/8 2214UTC UNID 1655 khz 34333, Dutch talking and music

10/8 2222UTC UNID 1645 khz 44333, Dutch station in QSO

12/8 2353UTC UNID 1645 khz 23322, Dutch-mx

After a long time nothing but QRN this is a few stations logged this week on MW, there were many more week stations. The conditions in the summer is not optimal here, better in the winter months. Anyway i am testing a newly made antenna here, a double magnetic loop with the ALA-100 from Wellbrook communications, wire length is 42 meters in two turns. So far the results is very promising. Strong signals received in LW, MW and 76 meters, and best of all less local QRN.

Greetings, Peter J