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Post Thu Jul 29, 2004 17:39 pm


I want to buy some tourposters from live rock events.
Who has an address, where I can get them for less
money if it's possible. For exampel reprints from
70s bands like Stones, Purple, Heep or from live events
from today like Stones (ha), Purple (haha), Heep (hahaha)
and so on - rock music !
Can anyone help with a catalogue, address, ....... or
something else, where I can order some ?
Long live Rock'n'Roll....
and Pirates too - thanks

Post Thu Aug 05, 2004 20:23 pm

You can buy tourposters while visiting a concert - but I think you know this. I'm too looking for a mailorder service or a print firm (perhaps in germany) where I can buy originals or reprints of tourposters from the
sixties and seventies. Any idea ?

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