Board problems with signing in?????

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Board problems with signing in?????

Post by Guest »

Saturday, July 31, 2004, 12:43

just finnisched the last work on the forum.

New Forum, new skins, new options,
A great new forum, I hope that it work 1000% but i am prity sure it does, it is a very stable one. now w3e need new users as,, yes, we did make no backup of the last teemz forum.. anyway,, we are back

???, Saturday, July 31, 2004, 15:42

the new forum colour, looks like rain all day. I think the
bright colour was better for reading and mood.
by the way - now I can't log in with my password.

alfa lima, Saturday, July 31, 2004, 16:01

I did try several ways with other user names. Did have Caps lock open?
Or a spatie more? anyone with the same problem,, Tring to find out, anyone???? Help, Try out please. can't find a problem,, PS there is a problem section in the board where everyone (also not registered) can ad problems or comments
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General Trouble maker
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log in - no problem

Post by capricorn »

hey alfred, just put some logs in the forum. to log in there is no problem.
good success for the new :arrow: 8)
i like it very much
keep on rockin' cappi :wink:
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Thanks cappy,

Post by alfred »

hanks Cap. for the update, Yes, i hope it was a mistake from the other party. heheheh
trying out to day some more ways to get more people to this forum. Would like to have here heaps of members listed
alfred.zoer [ad]
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