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Alfa Lima

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Alfa Lima int. started this board on Sun July 25, 2004. Here is a copy of the (Hi)story of Alfa Lima. I tought it was 2008 or 2009 Alfred decided to stop with pirate radio. In 2010 he sold his transmitter.
I am sure he will return the airwaves someday; once a pirate always a pirate

The stations History

It all started when Alfred was around the age of 11 or 12 years that he came in contact with Free Radio. His uncle was transmitting on medium wave and Alfred was there a few time's while he was transmitting. Alfred found it all very interesting , but it was soon forgotten. It was all to expensive, and His parents would never agree that their son would be a pirate due the reason that the change was there that he could be raided and Mum was afraid that their little boy would get fried with all that high voltage. So, No pxing for Alfred, but his mind was already infected by the PIRATEER VIRUS! Only thing was he did not know it.

A few months later, whilst walking with a friend on a scrap car- junkyard Alfred laid his eyes on something that looked very much like a valve transmitter. So early next day Alfred was going to his uncle '' the one that was transmitting on mw '' and he confirmed that it was a transmitter. An FM transmitter that could be fixed again, but stupid as teenagers are He demolished it. Still, It certainly made a snap in Alfred's mind because after a few weeks he bought his first transmitter, a small 5 watt FM transistorized model (MRF237). He secretly save a little money and did ask his uncle if he could make it in a box. After a few days with a mixing panel from his uncle, and a new pickup and microphone He made my first transmission on 103.5 FM with the name Edison. At first his parents did not know what was happening, the sudden interest of their son staying on his sleeping room playing whole day a bit of music. Of course they already had sicpicios minds when The brother of his dad brought a mixing panel and was asking if he should help installing an antenna for so called reception ;) . But putting all to gather, Antenna, Mixing panel, no money in their sons pocket, suddenly the huge interest in music, they already did have a faint idea of what all that stuff was on their sons sleeping room. After a week his dad was listening to the radio and heard the same music that his son was listening upstairs. That suddenly he heard his sons voice coming out of the radio. Now he was sure that his son was transmitting and he when'd upstairs to the sleeping room of his son. With a little question of what he was doing Alfred said.. "Ooo, nothing Dad, Just playing some music. His dad Started laughing and said that he was listening downstairs and that it would be nice and wise to tell Mum. So after a few hours Mum came back from visiting some family Alfred when'd to his mum and said what he was doing. Also Mum started laughing and said that she already knew as she heard me talking and that she also saw that microphone and that she was not angry at all, she was even interested in it all, so from that day on Alfred was on a very regular base on the air. Also sometimes his mum and dad were active on the FM with their sons transmitter as Radio Vrij Nederland and Zendster IJkje

In just a very short period of time He increased the power of this transmitter and became very active on FM. Later he also made a few transmissions on the medium wave band with an 807 transmitter and old tube amplifier but it was not a great success and was returning with even more power on FM again. Being active for many years without a problem the Dutch PTT raided Alfred in 1996 for the first time. He was just testing a new build transmitter that he made for one of his friends and had no idea who was at the door until he opened it. After the raid Alfred Came back on FM with still the name Edison but also did get Marjorly active in DX on the 11 mb. He was doing this of and on already a few years but now he totally when for it as conditions where often very good so with a 3 element yaky beam and 500 watts of power he just talked with everyone he could hears with the name 19 Alfa Lima 401, (that's where the name Alfa Lima International comes from) . he did that till 14-03-1998, when he made his first transmission on the 48 meter short wave band with around 100 watts and a PE1/100 tx. This transmitter was xtal controlled and alfred was not realty satisfied as he also wanted to use higher frequencies as that would also be more interesting for real Dxing, so he when'd looking for a transmitter with more power and that could move around the HF band. after a little search he bought a big Rhode & Schwarz SK050 tx. This was real live for Alfred.

Was transmitting on a very regular base on 11.480 and and a few transmissions on 21.895 it became a huge success But all good times have an end and due testing on 15.030 Alfa Lima International was raided. Due a request of the Royal Air Force (England) Alfred was raided for the second time. He was interfering RAF traffic on 15.030. Alfred Knew that it was an RAF frequency as he did frequency research before using it but he was informed badly as his resource told him than that it could be used these days as the RAF did not use 15.030 anymore. How wrong it was. So on 29-Sept-1999 Alfred was taken out again and was left behind with a transmitter that was demolished by a man of AT.

On Air again

It did only took a few days to see Alfa Lima International on air again. Again with a R&S bout now he also did have a modulator and could make a max outlet of 900 watts. Only the neighborhood was not pleased with this power so Alfred was not using this power often. Alfred did lots of transmissions on 21900 and on 15070 witch is still Alfa Lima's main frequency and where it has been heard all over the world.

These days Alfa Lima international is still active.Very often they are still in the weekends on the air Dxing to other continents as the start most of the time very late or very early (UTC) often parralell into two frequency's, one into the 48 mb and on 15070

What is used these days?

Rohde & Schwarz (surplus) type: SK050. outlet normally 350 watts

Rohde & Schwarz (surplus) type: SK010 outlet With modulator normally 130 watts

Our first transmission was on 14-03-1998 with the home brew valves transmitter (2x el 84 and 2 x pe 1/100 ) and the valves modulator was using 2x 2vt4c.

We are on air a lot at weekends, mostly around or 22:00 till 08:00 utc. Frequencies used are mainly in the area of 6250/15070/21900
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