Post Thu May 14, 2015 16:36 pm

Radio Latino and CoolAM Radio – special combination -this we

During next week-end we invite you to listen to Radio Latino and CoolAM Radio special combination , a 1 hour show produced by CoolAM Radio (Netherlands) and broadcasted by Radio Latino (Italy), with music from the golden ”free radio” era, the swinging 60’s
A special e-qsl card created for this event will be sent to all sending a listening report (please with sinpo and some details).
The show will be on air on friday and/or saturday and/or Sunday evening/night on 7530 or 7585 or 7590 khz. To know exact time and frequency you can subscribe to our blog so you will receive an email everytime we are on air, with exact frequency.

Are you the boss of a ”free” Radio Station? Send your report, one of you will be the lucky winner of a professional jingle for your station by CoolAM Production.