Post Wed Dec 27, 2006 02:02 am

180m tonight in Glasgow, 26/27 December

1619kHz, UNID, 1856UTC with music. 34322

1640kHz, UNID, 0107UTC with music. 23222.

1645kHz, UNID, 0113 sign on with music and rep. to Monte Carlo and Bandoeng. 33222.

1649kHz (variable around 1645-1650), Radio Anton, 1905UTC sending reports to Hooiberg and Toekomst. 43333. Mp3 available...

1653kHz, Johannes van Schaffelar, 0007UTC rep. to Bandoeng and Verona. 44333. Mp3 avaliable...

1653kHz, Radio Bandoeng, 0058UTC rep. to Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Santana, Concordia. 34322.

1660kHz, UNID, 0105UTC rep. to Bandoeng. 24321.

All frequencies +/- as usual...
FRG-7 with 50cm loop.

Best to all,