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Logs from Milano Italy

Aegean Sea: sun, fishes and pirates... From Bocca di Magra, with Dario
Monferini, I could hear a lot of them... Maybe many of them are fishermen
that in the night spend their time broadcasting with old, terrible
transmitters, drifting as a ski champion during a slalom in the Olympic
games of Torino. Real bad modulation and some explosion... Here a list, just
for fun, with two nordic pirates and a Finnish Maritime, what a confusion!

1628,1 05...10/2 1858...0230 Greek pirate on/off

1630,1 05/2 0705-0712 UNID Greek pirate, blastering Testing "ena ena ena
dia tria...." on this X-band channel .... so be very careful....

1632,7 05...09/2 1645....2355 UNID Greek pirate, with liscas turk/greek
songs melodias ..... Monster signal 9+40 db

1635 05/2 1800-1803* Tornado, Dutch pirate, Ids suff/good

1638,1v 05/2 1810-1830 UNID Greek pirate, with sirtaki melodias. monster
signals 9+40 db V.good

1643,2 05+09/2 1715....0200 Dramas Microphonis, Greek pirate with very
good Mix disco dance... (like an FM station in London !!!) good/v.good

1645,2 05/2 2330-2355 R. Barones, dutch pirate, sending greetings to other
pirate & listeners good/v.good

1655,3-1657,2 05/2 -1643*,1720- UNID Greek pirate, TX problems, on/off
....blastering and moving up and down +/- 15 kHz, terrible. Good

1660,6 05+09/2 1812-1830 UNID Greek pirate, bad modulation, TX on/off
drifting .... horror ..... Good

1670,2 05+08/2 0045....1642 UNID Greek pirate, at 0045 with INDIAN sitar
music .... foolish .... bad modulation ! good

1675,8 05+06/2 0544-0634 UNID Greek pirate, with disco mix no stop ....
good audio .... v.good

1677 07/2 0235-0242 Mariehamn Radio, Turku, Finland, maritime service with
info for fisher man in Baltic sea.... in finnish. suff/good

1679,2-1629,5 05/2 1815-1839 UNID Greek pirate, non stop SALSA music Mix
.... talks in greek .... v.good

1684,5 05/2 1615-1630 UNID Greek pirate, disco mix greek sounds. v.good

1687,3 08/2 0048-0053 Helladio Radio, Greek pirate..... blasting on 1690
kHz.... horror modulation v.good

1695,5 05+09/2 1730-1739* UNID Greek pirate, testing his TX, off after 9
minutes driving up/down 16 kHz

1699,6 05+09/2 1649-,2344- UNID Pirate sound Bosnian or Albanian ....
killed soon UNID Pirate Greek deliberating interferring on his frequency
..... this is a madness .... v.good

1701,3 09/2 2030-2032*,2339- Galaxias amatori, UNID pirate Greek , testing
and "fighting" with another one clobbering the same frequency... madness...

1706,5 05/2 1639-1644 UNID Greek pirate, with Sirtaki sounds no stop. good

1708,8 05/2 1635-1659 Madedonska Radio, Pirate, UNID country. Qrm by Pireus
Dekafonis v.good

1718,6 05/2 1615-1619 UNID pirate, UNID country, folk songs... good

1725,8 09/2 2040-2044 Podgoriza Radia Studio Nesto, UNID pirate, folk music,
sending greetings to listeners. Good

1752,5 05/2 750-1752 UNID pirate Unid country but Balcan area, very bad
modulation from underground. Good

1765,9 05/2 1753-1954 UNID Skopiera area ?? UNID pirate, TX going up and
down +/- 12 kHz... Good (the signal)

RX: CiaoRadio H101, AOR 7030, Drake SPR-4, RFspace SDR-14
ant: Wellbrook LFL 1010


Giampiero Bernardini
Milano, Italy

Rx: Drake SPR-4 & R-4C (with DDS-4); RFT EKD 315; AOR AR7030+ AR5000+
AR3000A-DX; RF Space SDR-14; CiaoRadio H101; TenTec RX320 & RX321; Icom
R7000 & PCR1000; Lowe HF150; Kenwood R5000 & tuner KT-6040; Grundig Satellit
700 & 500; Yamaha T-85; Sangean ATS 909 mod. & DT 220; Degen DE1103; Alinco
DJ-X3 (In all FM rx I use 110/80/53 kHz filters)- Ant: wires 100 m. & 30 m.;
RKB 5, 9 & 10 elements FM; DX One pro; T2FD 15 meters; Wellbrook LFL 1010,
loops by A.Capra; DLA (GZ project) by P. Albini
alfred.zoer [ad] straatklus.nl


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Greek Pirates

Hello, :ahowy:

It looks like that a lot of greek pirates use a single tube transmitter, just like many dutch pirates in the early years.
Self oscillating power tube, when the antenna moves in the wind, the transmitting frequency also dos :(
Who cares they are on air ](*,)
But we have a mediumwave reception report from Italy :horay: thank you for that.

Greetings Jan

I suppose that good at the end off the line is the reception strenght.

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