Post Thu Oct 20, 2005 22:19 pm

some thursday afternoon logs

receiver yaesu frg8800, L antenna; 7meter vertical 30 meter horizontal.
time UTC; local time is UTC +2 hour

20/10 thursday afternoon

1658khz 15.50h S9 33333 Delmare QSO
1646khz 15.52h S9+15 44344 Pluto QSO
1644khz 15.55h S9+25 44444 Nova 4 QSO
1645khz 16.00h S9 32332 Superman, same time with Hooiberg on air
1650khz 16.10h S9+15 44444 Hooiberg QSO
1656khz 16.14h S9+10 34434 Delmare QSO
1636khz 16.15h S9+10 34444 Telstar QSO
1655khz 16.18h S9 34434 Unid, South Europe, local QSO
1645khz 16.20h S9+10 34333 Euromast QSO
1638khz 16.52h S9+10 33333 Victor QSO
1640khz 16.53h S8 23222 Unid, South Europe, nonstop local music
1636khz 16.55h S9+20 44434 Hooiberg QSO
1657khz 17.03h S9+40 55555 James Bond, trying QSO with Hooiberg, no succes
1665khz 17.27h S9 33323 Unid, South Europe, music: Maria Magdalena from Sandra.

These were all Dutch stations except those from the South, conditions are pretty good :-)
S meter reading is peak level for that post

Greetings jan