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MV loggs from Sweden


Spent some time on the MV band the 16th and 17th May. Here is some of the loggs:

16th May

1629 Radio Anatloia from Kilikis with clear ID and phone nr. SINPO 33333

1631 UNID report to Anton, Kruik Mijnwerker SINPO 44444 (Have to listen to my recording again)

1640 De Kruik Amateur 21.25 with ID, report and polka SINPO 34333

1645 Radio Euromast report to Peacon, Mustang, Anton and dutch mx. SINPO 33333

1645 Radio Utopia with report to Euromast, Mijnwerker, dutch mx. SINPO 34333

1649 Radio Barcelona with report to Toulosse, Nordzee, Kruik SINPO 33333

1651 Balkan station talking 21.33 SINPO 22222

1664 Monte Carlo Radio with report to Nordzee, Toulosse, Anton SINPO 45444

1688 Greek stations was using this freq with what sounds like a CQ round. New stations coming up and talking, mx and then gone. Many of them with eccho voices. Makes it quite har to ID them. At 22.05 one was playing Madonna and talking about "Kilowattos"

17th May

1620 UNID ducth station with many Dutch songs and polka. Heard OP talking and I think I have ID on them as "De Strober"
Good signal - SINPO 33333

1646 Radio Vrolijke Mijnwerker with a really good signal. Announcing SMS nr and I sent an SMS and OP sent regards to me "On air" Many dutch mx and special song for "Goran in Sweden" SINPO 34433. Some local thunderstorm QRM

1649 Radio Barcelona with report at 22.39 SINPO 33333

1655 Radio Barones was delivering a HUGE signal here at my QTH. Really impressing. I just wonder how many watts? Clear ID at 21.50UTC SINPO 55444

Radio Euromast - I have audiofile for you. Please contact me on my e-mail as; goran_hardenmark at

Regards from Göran in Sweden