Post Sun Apr 29, 2007 12:17 pm

Short MV report

Went listening after work, quite late but anyway - there where some station still on air on MV.

Radio Barcelona was heard on 1644 with a nice signal and report to several stations. Music "Oh Suzana"

Radio Monte Carlo was heard also on 1644 with nice signal and report to Amigo, Utopia, Kranke Man, Elektron and others.

Alpenjager was heard on 1655 always nice signal from him. Report to M.C, Santana, Barcelona. How can I get incontact with the Alpenjager for a report?

Radio Santan on 1639, see previous e-mail.

Technische Man on 1660 with "Una paloma blanca" and VERY strong signal. Report to Utopia, and Borderhunter Summermeeting info.

1653 Radio Bandong report to Santana Strong aswell

Listening between 23.50 UTC to 00.28 UTC
Kenwood R-5000 and a dipole antenna.

Regards from Göran in Sweden