Post Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:18 am

MV Logg in Halmstad


When I came home from work I was curios to see if I could hear some station so I tossed my short longwire out 20 meters. The loggs are made in central Halmstad, where noice level on the bands are horrible. But anyway this was heard.

1660 23.40 Dutch station with c/d heard the last ID prob Radio Titanic

1660 00.30 De Orion Covorden with report to Toekomst and polka music

1657 23.50 Monte Carlo Radio with report

1655 00.12 Radio Toekomst with report De Kruik and polka mx. Nice signal. Radio Toekomst sends report to De Deonker Sendeung at 00.35

1651 00.22 De Donker Sendung with report to Toekomst

1643 00.55 Radio Barcelona with report

1620 23.30 UNID Polka music Blauve Vogel ?

Best regards from
Göran in Halmstad