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Glasgow MW logs

Good conditions, but most stations swamped by local television noise...

25th January

1645kHz, Vriendschap Radio, s/on 2052UTC with music and reports to Meteor etc. S/off 2054. 43333.

1652kHz, Jan Schnabel giving reports at 2312. 33333.

26th January

1635kHz, Tijdbreker Radio with ID and SMS no at 2323. 24222.

1655kHz, Jan Schnabel, thanking Toekomst, Barcelona, Edelweiss and Alpenjager at 2341. S/off 2343. 33322.

1652kHz, Radio Toekomst, 2344 rep to Freiberg, Jan Schnabel. 44333.

29th January

1650kHz, Zender Barcelona, ID + reports to Bandoeng and Titanic. 2332 saying hello to Marcel. 34333

30th January

1620kHz, De Rode Pimpernel, 2359 with clear ID and music. 33222.

1625kHz, Zender Johan, 2129 s/on with blank carrier then music and ID at 2136. 33333.

1642kHz, UNID at 2138 with music and reports to Anton and Barcelona. ID sounded something like "Radio de van toechole". Recording available. Off 2142. 23422.

1645kHz, UNID (sounded like Radio Kristal) playing a Dutch version of "And Then He Kissed Me" and giving reports to Barcelona etc. Recording available. 23222.

1642kHz, UNID (different to above), 2217 reporting to Johan and Barcelona. Recording available. 33222.

FRG-7 + 1m loop
All frequencies +/- a few kHz...

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