Glasgow MW log, 24th January

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Post Thu Jan 25, 2007 00:44 am

Glasgow MW log, 24th January

Amazingly strong QSO round tonight on 180m: I've never ID'ed so many stations in one night:

1620kHz, UNID (maybe De Stroper, as it was mentioned by Orion later), 2248UTC playing old Dutch music. 32322 with bad TVI.

1645kHz, Zender James Bond, 2235 rep to Jeneverstoker (?) and Orion. 2237 off, back again from 2249-2253 with rep to Jeneverstoker, Orion, Monte Carlo, Golfbreker, Piepzender. Back at 2323 playing "Come Up and See Me" by Cockney Rebel. 43333, S9+10.

1650kHz, Radio Valkenster, 2308 rep to Orion, MC, JB, Jeneverstoker, "goede morgen von Valkenster". Off 2311. 32322, bad SSB QRM to start with.

1652kHz, Zender Barcelona, 2316 rep to Valkenster + ID. 33322.

1652kHz, Zender Monte Carlo, 2320 rep to Valkenster, Orion, Jeneverstoker and JB. Back at 2344 with rep to Ethersnuiver and Barcelona. 32322.

1652kHz, Ethersnuiver, 2335 rep to MC, JB and Orion, off 2343. Back at 2351 tuning around the same frequency, then playing music and rep to MC and others. 43333. Another name for Radio Bandoeng (per Dr. Tim's News), it's also the station I misheard as Eder Schneider a few weeks ago.

1660kHz, Orion Radio, 2240 with rep to MC, JB, Jeneverstoker, mentioning coaxial unit and antenna. 34322, back 2300-2306 with SINPO 44333, rep MC and mention coax again. Mention of Spanningzoeker, JB, Golfbreker and De Stroper. Some SSB QRM here. Not the Orion from SW I think: this one pronounces the name Oh-rion, with the stress on the first O, and it wasn't John's voice.

I have audio of James Bond, Orion, Valkenster, Monte Carlo and Barcelona.

FRG-7 + 1m indoor loop.
All frequencies +/- a few kHz...

Best to all,


Hardcore Gold Piratear
Hardcore Gold Piratear

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Post Thu Jan 25, 2007 20:06 pm

QSO Heard in Sweden aswell.


Also here in Halmstad I heard many powerful Dutch stations. I was listening with my 20 meter longwire just outside my apartment, but anyway here is the stations I heard.

1646 22.34 Radio James Bond, very nice signal and strong. Report several times to the other stations. SINPO 45444

1650 22.28 Sender Falkenster with quite nice signal SINPO 33333

1651 22.37 Radio Monte Carlo with report had some MIC problem and not that strong today, Usally they are very strong. SINPO 23222

1654 22.55 UNID might have been Jeneverstroker SINPO 22222

1660 22.30 De Orion with report, Strong signal SINPO 45444

Considering that I only had a very temporate antenna, I'm quite satisfied and It was fun when all the stations was reporting to each other and I heard mention of Jeneverstroker, and started scanning for them. But I'm not really sure of them.

I have audio report to Radio James Bond, Falkenster Amateur, De Orion. So if you read this please contact me.

All the best from Sweden

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