Post Sat Jan 20, 2007 00:22 am

QSO round on 180m

Zender Toekomst strong here at 2302UTC on 1652kHz, SINPO 44333, giving reports to Digital, Monte Carlo, Barones and Ijsselstein. Back at 2332 and 0009.

Barones reporting back on 1645kHz at 2314, to Toekomst, MC, Ijsselstein and Digital. Off air 2318. 44333.

Jan Schnabel reporting to Digital and Toekomst on 1650kHz at 2329UTC. SINPO 34222. According to Dr. Tim's news of a few weeks ago, this is another name for Radio Bandoeng.

Weaker UNIDs on 1640 and 1632kHz.

All frequencies +/- a few kHz...
FRG-7 + 1m loop antenna.

Best to all,