Post Mon Jan 15, 2007 18:28 pm

Loggs from Saxtorp, Sweden


When I was in Saxtorp I also listened very much to the MV band and I heard the following stations:

Sender Santana
De Kruik Amateur
Sender Cupido
Radio Armada
Radio Alpenjager
Radio Digital
Radio Bandong
Delta Radio
Radio Toekomst

These are stations that I did copy the ID directly, then I have some more stations that I have to listen to the recordings to be 100 % sure.

Also I think I heard the serbian station Radio Daleky. I have serbian talk and OP mentions "Daleky...." very often.

When I have more details on the other MV-band stations I will make a post.

Cupid Radio - Nice to catch you on MV - first time for me. Happy you got the SMS. I heard you mentioned my SMS.

Regards from Göran in Sweden