Post Fri Jan 05, 2007 00:26 am

Glasgow MW log, Thursday 4th Jan

A busy QSO round on 180m tonight: only ID'd two stations for sure:

1625kHz Zender Johan, playing marching music at 2354 and rep to Monte Carlo, Toekomst and Barcelona. 33333.

1642kHz UNID playing The Wild Rover and mentioning Delmare at 2300, back at 2315 and 2330, rep to toekomst, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Delmare, back at 2351 mentioning Nachtparade (might have been Radio Nachtparade). Fairly sure all these were the same station. 23322.

1655kHz, Radio Toekomst, 2317-2320UTC and again 2341-2350UTC, giving reports to Corona, Volkenster, Barcelona, Delmare, Digitaal, Monte Carlo. Very strong, 44333.

I have audio of Johan and Toekomst.

FRG-7 + 1m loop
All frequencies +/- a few kHz...

Best to everyone,