Barones in QSO to Serbia?

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Post Wed Jan 03, 2007 19:23 pm

Barones in QSO to Serbia?

I had a message from Holland last night that Barones was in QSO with
Radio Vihor from Serbia around 1670 kHz.

So, that would be the first time from Holland to Serbia.

Some Greeks are also quite curious to try contact to Holland. Forexample
Radio 5-19 is very keen on to try. With 10 kW it should be easy.

I do not yet know if they have heard Dutch stations well in Greece - but I
can not find any reason why not.

The question must be right timing, nothing else.
Once I heard Radio Armada from Holland trying with no success - and after
several tries with no results, they stop trying of course.

Harri Kujala
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Post Thu Jan 04, 2007 14:11 pm

Barones in QSO to Serbia?

Hello Harri,

sorry, I couldnt only listen to the last minutes of Barones on 1670 at this evening. He was very,very strong again here. But didnt hear any serbian pirate on the frequency. Migth be also during the worse AM-conditions from the balkan region here in my area. Normally there are several pirates from this region.. But I heard only one or two times mentioning their station name in English or spelling the international code over the years now. That would be a big help. Or providing a hotline number.. I would send for sure a report to them. But maybe future will bring more contact from NL to Greece or whereever. We will see.
Greetings to Finland.
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