Post Mon Jan 01, 2007 18:11 pm

MV-loggs from Sweden

Loggs are made 31th of Dec 2006

1643 00.15 heard just a brief ID and then polka mx, strong signal

1635 00.20 Radio Corona with ID strong signal

1638 07.00 UNID with polka music, fair signal

1664/1648 01.03 Radio Bandong with mx "I wan't to brake free" first heard on 1664 and then moved to 1648, very strong signal, as always.

1659 01.15 UNID reporting to Bandong, have an recorded ID and have to listen to it a few more times " ... from the nordost nederland"

1645 01.24 UNID station rep Bandong, I hear an ID and could be Rode Pimpernell, hear it repeated several times and that they are polkaplatjen (?) quite good signal

All the best from Sweden and Göran Hardenmark

Kenwood R-5000
dipole antenna