Radio Barones 1645 30+31/12

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Hardcore Gold Piratear

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Post Sun Dec 31, 2006 13:02 pm

Radio Barones 1645 30+31/12

30/12 saturday
2255 R.Barones 1645 khz 34343, Dutch-mx

31/12 sunday
0113 R.Barones 1645 khz 34232, oldies

This is the only station i have heard on MW last night.

Greetings, Peter J
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Hardcore Gold Piratear
Hardcore Gold Piratear

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Post Sun Dec 31, 2006 14:27 pm

As well as Barones, I heard Bandoeng on approx. 1652kHz after midnight on 30th December. Giving a report to Barones at 0014UTC, SINPO 43333 here peaking S9+10 (Barones was S9+20).

Also two faint UNIDs giving reports back to Baro and Bandoeng when the latter two went off air:

1652kHz, 0025 UNID with report to Bandoeng. S/off 0032.
1645kHz, 0033 UNID with report to Baro, mentioning also Vrolijke Mijnwerker and Delmare. Barones returned to the frequency at 0035, giving reports back to VM, Bandoeng and Mi Amigo.

FRG-7, testing a larger (>1m) loop last night.
Frequencies +/- a few kHz...

All best,


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