Post Tue Dec 26, 2006 01:09 am

180m in Glasgow, Christmas Day

Busy night again on 180m:

1619kHz, UNID playing non-stop music for at least an hour before 0100UTC. 23222.

1645kHz, UNID playing music and briefly off air 2311UTC, back at 2313.

1655kHz, UNID playing "Suffer in Silence" by Willie Nelson at 0000UTC (midnight on 25th). Rep to Zonnenschijn, ID sounded like the "Eder Schneider" reported by Marcel a while ago... Op had a bad cough! 43222.

1659kHz, Radio Zonnenschijn, 2347UTC with reports to Curacao, Spakenburg, Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Digital. 33222.

FRG-7 with 50cm loop.
All freqencies +/- a few kHz...

Best to all,