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MW Log - Sun 3.12 > Mon 4.12 - SW Finland - LOW POWERS?

Here a bit late a log from Sunday evening 3.12 till Monday evening 4.12.2006.. Over 20 Dutch stations.
Heard by 950m directed longwire in Paimio. A lot of new stations heard!! Times utc.

*= heard first time by me

SUNDAY 3.12.2006

1633 Hooiberg* "vanaf provincie Drenthe". -16.03 O=2-3
1630 Koraalvisser* (not the same like in 70/80) with long programme. 16.00-
1638 Lady Nachtegaal* (Yes, female pirate!!!) 16.11 - 16.15 O=1-2+
1642 Zender Kolibri 16.16- O=2-3+
1664 RUSSIAN PIRATE - also on 1621 kHz etc.
1638 Twentse Nachtegaal??* Perhaps same tx like Lady N.?? Male voice. 16.29-
1646 Zender Havanna and 1-2 other fighting on same frequency 17.00 O=1-3

1645 RADIO PRIMADONNA*. mentioned Dr. Tim and said "mit super mini-power"!!

1642 Uniek Zender*, said to be from Klazienaveen and gave GSM. 17.30 - O=2-3+
1620 De Stroper with huge signal for the whole late evening. Gave line-tel! 19.00- O=3-5
1646 Zender Kleine Vogel gave GSM. I sent sms but later I realized from tape that
I took the number wrong. 19.22- O=1-3+

1630 GREECE: Radio Anatolia, Kilkis. very often on this channel! 18.30- O=0-3

1635 Tante Foek* (identified with Dutch help).Gave GSM. 20.26- O=0-2
1652 Dr Blow Radio vanaf Oost Groningen. Made mic-test. 21.05- O=2-4
1645 Alpenjager fighting with Kl.Vogel shortly. 21.30- O=0-1
1639 Zender Euromast 22.16- O=2-4
1655 R Bandung said he has 600 Watts in use. 22.20- O=4-5
1650 De Pepper* from North Holland. Power 100 W. 22.34- O=2-3+
1658 Zender Barcelona. 22.56- O=2-3
1664 Radio Philadelphia seems to use this high frequency mostly. 23.14- O=1-3

1690 GREECE: Radio International, Trikala-city. Announced his station-name and
city many times. 23.43- O=1-2

MONDAY 4.12.2006

1645 Zender Eimac 14.05- O=2-4
1626 RUSSIAN PIRATE. Also on 1618, 1640, 1650,1661 and 1682 khz.
Russians talk quite rarely and play music for hours. 14.30-

1638 Silvania "vanaf Almelo" - 15.35 O=3-4+
1637 De Tijger*. Max 100 W I suppose.(ID'd with Dutch help). 15.35-37 O=1-2+
1645 Paanbreker*, interfered by other stations. 15.47 O=0-1
1620 Blauwe Vogel 16.23- O=2-4+
At 16.30 utc I had to stop and go home

A few interesting new stations with low powers, I think, because of weak signals. Of course
there is a chance of low antenna height.
SPECIALLY I hope that the power of PRIMADONNA will be solved later. It is also possible that
this station comes from Germany.


Harri Kujala