Post Mon Dec 04, 2006 00:13 am

Glasgow MW log, Sunday night 3 Nov 06

1650 Radio Bandoeng, 2227 UTC, SINPO 45444 (extremely strong, S9+10) with Dutch IDs + Music.

1635 Radio Euromast (?), 2250 UTC, SINPO 33322 (bad het QRM) with possible ID in Dutch, mention of Barcelona and old-time music. 2254 hand-over to a much weaker station with strong echo on audio.

1618 UNID, 2316 UTC, SINPO 34322, long talk over music in Dutch, mentioning meterband, "sprak en musik", antenna, amateurs... 2319 singing over music... heard from 2233 till 2329 UTC. Some splash from very strong Vatican Radio DRM on 1611 till 2300 closedown.

1625 UNID, 2330 UTC, SINPO 23222 (bad het QRM), arabic-sounding music, but talk was I think in Dutch, with heavy echo. Too faint to copy.

All frequencies approximate...
Receiver: FRG-7 with 60cm loop antenna.