UNID on 1645, 28th october 2006

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Post Sat Oct 28, 2006 23:10 pm

UNID on 1645, 28th october 2006

Hi folks,

at 20.26 UTC, tonight, I tuned on 1645 a station that was playing a U2 track. I stayed there, as it didn't sound as the usual Greek pirate. In fact, soon I heard a dj speaking in dutch. At 20.40, "Lambada" from Kaoma got aired. At 20.53 it was time for Madonna's "Like a Prayer". After that song, dj spoke in english, and gave Id, but I really didn't caught it (I think it starts with B, but I remain unsure!). At 21.01, "Imagine" by John Lennon. At 21.23, dj announced a track in dutch, from "Kaos Bluesband". At 21.30, host confirmed the frequency of 1645 and told again station name, but I really wasn't able to understand it! At 22.21, "B????? is now closing down, bye bye", and signed off. Signal was fading quite much, with weak points, but also very readable ones. Sinpo: 23333. If someone could be able to help me identifying this, I'd be grateful. After a quick check of the stations list starting with B, I could assume it was Barones, but I would like to hear from you! Thanks in advance.


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Post Sat Oct 28, 2006 23:48 pm

I am sure this was Radio Barones.

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Post Sun Oct 29, 2006 00:08 am

Barones was on that frequency the whole evening.

73 PJK-Peter

Post Sun Oct 29, 2006 06:00 am


Thanks to anyone who helped.

I know I sound a bit "sleepy" sometimes, but I can tell you it's an hell of a life being italian and listening to a dutch speaking... english!

However, an hell I couldn't do without! :-)

Thanks again and 73,

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