VISIT TO GREEK AM-PIRATES ON 11-12.10.2006! +Serbian pirates

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Post Tue Oct 17, 2006 17:22 pm

VISIT TO GREEK AM-PIRATES ON 11-12.10.2006! +Serbian pirates

I had a nice opportunity to visit two big AM-pirate stations in Larissa, 350 km North from Athens, Greece. I rent a car and drove there from Athens between 11-12.10.2006 (with my wife)!!
These guys have very big transmitters with nice rows of glowing tubes!! I took photographs of 5 kW station Radio Parizionos (preparing to have 15 kW) and later Radio Ouranio Toxo with incredible 15 kW (preparing 30 kW)!! Both stations are located in the industrial area in Larissa. Also Radio A1 was present.
Soon I will put photos of these transmitters to my web-page

Unfortunately these guys does not talk English but one operator's wife was good interpreter with good English!
I was also on the air shorlty on both stations talking Finnish/English and playing Finnish music and it was heard in Finland (I informed Finn dx-ers by sms) Fantastic experience!

In Athens there are audible all the time at least 10 stations all around the Medium Wawe (my little Sony-receiver did not reach over 1620 kHz) and later expanding to 20 stations in the evenings. 800 kHz is 24h + some others, too.

I will put photos on line soon and I try to collect some more exact technical data of the equipment from Dimitris, who arranged this visit. It was very difficult to write down exact details while visiting.


Two weeks ago I had interesting e-mail from Serbia!! Radio Texas mailed me photos of his station and also two other pirates, Radio Daleky and Radio Vihor, all mostly on the air around 1700 kHz. These are not so big as these Greeks.
I will put these Serbians photos also on line at the same time.


Harri Kujala
Naantali, SW Finland

Post Wed Oct 18, 2006 20:06 pm

Sounds like you had a great time :)

Looking forward to seeing the photos aswell

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About Greek visit

Hello Harri.

Seems you had a nice time in Greece. I was in Greece during June and had my Sangean with me and it was so much fun scanning the band during late evenings and night time. From 1610 and 1710 there where always a lot of Greek stations on air. I made some recordings and one greek person did listen to one of my recordings and told me that they where talking about their transmitters and also he explained the music they played. I still have the recordings and it's nice to listen to.

I look forward to see the pictures of their 15-30 KW transmitters. Really incredible!!!

Best regards from Sweden
Göra Hardenmark
Editor of Eter Aktuellt, Piratspalten

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