Unknown on 16th October 2006

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Post Mon Oct 16, 2006 21:01 pm

Unknown on 16th October 2006

Hi folks,

after the succesful hunts on Shortwave (that I'll obviously continue), tonight I gave a try to MW.

The situation is really harder, as it seems - from my country - you mostly get some Greek/Balcanic stations, above 1600. I'm not so well in those languages, so hard times are the dish of the day when it comes to identifiying station.

For instance, tonight on 1670, at 20.32 GMT, I had a good signal, that can be heard here:


Any help would be appreciated.


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New Trouble maker

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Post Tue Oct 17, 2006 16:26 pm

It is Serbian or Greek. Too short clip to be sure by me. Usually I can separate these easily. Anyway I think there is no ID in this clip.

See the next message wrote by me,

Harri Kujala
Naantali - SW Finland

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Post Thu Oct 19, 2006 09:37 am

He is a Greek guy but he does not mention his ID

Post Thu Oct 19, 2006 21:33 pm

MW Unid

Well, thank you very much to everyone who helped!

I'm now aware it was greek. Next time, I'll try to record more and hope to catch ID.


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