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Post Sun Nov 13, 2005 22:10 pm

Greek pirates in Finland on 180mb

Hello from Naantali (near Turku), South Finland!

I just built new longwire this weekend. It is directed to South (only possible direction - and I even had to cross quite busy road)!
It is 300 meters long and gives nice and pure signals to GREEK PIRATES!
(Seems to be very noisy on SW unfortunately at midday and not good for Dutch pirates).

As we know these Greek pirates are very difficult to identify and almost impossible to be QSLed. However, I have decided to try for one (some Greek-help would be nice now!! I can take only numbers down)

Loggings of South-eastern pirates/ Greeks:

Saturday 12. November

1611 kHz - 1630utc
Clearly Russian pirate with nonstop music! Vatican started at 1649 utc.

1620 kHz - 2240utc-
Radio Kabalida 3 (tria) (??) Good signal and modulation. Gave GSM-number: 694 44 63 566 (99% sure). I tried to phone on Sunday but not connected.

Sunday 13. November

1620 kHz - 2020utc-
Radio Anatolia, Kilkis (not 100%, but I have heard this many times). Very strong! Gave telephone: 69 77 245 897.
I phoned to this number! I am quite the voice was same as on radio, but he did not speak English at all - not a word! So, that's it.

1640 kHz - -2113utc
Radio Toxo (?). Long music-px and closed at 2113utc. Gave telephone 62 32 366 148, but I am not sure of the 2nd digit so I did not phone him.

Also there were many QSO-stations on air shortly with music between 1650 - 1730 kHz . Not Serbians today.

So, there are many stations using GSM-numbers. I hope some of them will understand English.


Harri Kujala
Naantali, SW Finland
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Post Mon Nov 14, 2005 09:05 am

Greetings Harri,

Yes many Greek stations I am in France, I not comprehend Greek language Hi....Very difficulty for identification.

73 from Marcel
ICOM R.70 and ICOM IC.729
DRM - Di-Wave 100
Vertical antenna 5/8 wave CB
Long wire 50 meters
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Post Mon Nov 14, 2005 16:06 pm

would be nice to interact with

Would be nice to interact aswell with those greek stations,. maybe i should make translations into greek possible witgh baelfish here. maybe we wil atrack some greeks to this forum
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Post Mon Nov 14, 2005 19:05 pm

Greek pirates

Yes, it would be interesting to contact the Greek, Serbian, and others..
Interesting to know what equipment they use, think it must be simular to what we use here?

I did try several times in the last couple of years to contact them on air, on freq. like 1655 or 1660khz.
I thought: if they are getting strong signals overhere, it must be the same the other way round..
But: no reply at all.. think it is as Harri and Marcel wrote: none of them is speaking any English! :(

Nevertheless: you never know..keep trying to find one! :roll:

Geetings, Albert.


Post Mon Nov 14, 2005 20:46 pm


I think that Greek pirate-operators are not so PC-oriented. They might mostly be from countryside or from the mountains, I don't know, but many of them seem to have kilowatts, very very powerfull signals here!

I have twice heard Greek pirate having QSO with Serbian station. They both had very poor English with a few basic words ("good signal" / "good microphone" etc. There were once Radio Galaxias (Greece) in QSO with Pink Panter (Yogoslavia) on around 1660 kHz. So it could be possible to reach them! Also some Greek shouted on last Sunday "Hallo Yogoslavia!!" many times.

We know this Radio Tornado from Croatia. He is the only one with English there on 180mb. He is quite rarely on air (afraid of raid??).

I REALLY wonder that during the years (20-30 years) I have never seen anywhere that there would have been INTERNATIONAL GREEK PIRATE!!!
How is that possible? There have been many hundreds (or even thousands) of pirates on MW during the years, but none of them never gone international!! Strange!!

Two weeks ago I heard clearly Greek on 6268 kHz (on 2-3 different days).
It was same kind of programming like on MW, so it might have been 4th harmonic from 1567 kHz (4 x 1567 kHz = 6268 kHz).

RSI, perhaps you should take some local Greek to your studio for one Sat/Sun evening and shouting QSO there around 180mb for the whole evening! Heh!
Is it worth of it? Well, I think it really would be fun and special ??
They must hear you very well!



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Post Tue Nov 15, 2005 20:19 pm

greek pirates

Hello everybody, :veryhi

I have searched the internet for greek pirates and found only one side, it is a old one, last updated 20/09/1999, but has usefull information about mediumwave pirates in greece :
I also dit a translation with babelfish for a search with the greek words for pirate and radio, but it is for me impossible to read that :verysorry:

Greetings Jan

Post Wed Nov 16, 2005 00:30 am

Greek pirates

For 15 years I did hear them, but I think it is a waste of time, they have a world of them own, and don't have interest in other countries or operators. I know what antennas they are using and what tx they have.
For 2 years ago I had an interesting contact with one of them, and he wants to come to holland to buy things and so, but later it was all over.
Now and then they give me an qso, but it is very difficult to understand, so are the pirates from Yugo, Servia and Crotia.

Post Wed Nov 16, 2005 20:10 pm

Re: Greek pirates

Yes, they have their own pirate-community and they clearly have no interest to outside. Anyway, I wonder none of them have ever had it international....
However, I respect more these local-pirates (like in Holland) than international hobby pirates (I had one) because many of these locals have clear meaning in their local communities!

That is also the thing that attracts me - just to try contact even one of them - or even have one "QSLed".
It is one kind of challenge!!
I have pirates QSLed from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France and Russia. I have also Serbian and Greek pirates QSLed from FM (via Es) but these stations were operating like legal stations while listening.

Serbian AM-pirates are clearly impossible.

This Greek pirate-page is owned by Mr. Zacharias Liangas. I have sent him one pirate audio-clip 6 months ago, but he did not comment it (but he kindly helped me with one Greek FM-station clip).

Did you really have QSO with one of them on 180mb??
Could you give me that contact??

Let's see what will happen with my crazy challenge....

Harri ... enders.htm
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Post Wed Nov 16, 2005 20:48 pm

Greek pirates.

Ok Harri,
I take the challenge, i try to find a owner of a Greek or Balkan restaurant in my neighbourhood... :wink:
And ask him to do a show in his own language, trying to make contact with his country, Mkae:friend how's that?


Post Wed Nov 16, 2005 21:08 pm

Re: Greek pirates.

Well, this is something!!!!

Please let me know long time before you do it!!
He must be Greek! There are rarely Serbians (maybe later...).

I think the best frequencies for Greek-QSOs are around 1650 - 1700 kHz in the late evening. They have programmes between 1620-1640 kHz.
I hope there will be conditions!
Very interesting to hear their reaction!!

Keep me informed!


Post Wed Nov 16, 2005 21:25 pm

Greek pirates

Harri , I sent him an e-mail and wait now for contact. The qso's were a few years ago, and now I listen not always to them.
When I know more I let you know with e-mail.
Also greetings to R. Scotland and suc6 with your experiments.

Post Thu Dec 08, 2005 21:56 pm

Greek Pirat

Nothing heard from the greek pirat. Perhaps next time.

73's and Merry Christmas

Post Sat Feb 04, 2006 13:23 pm

Hi. I am from Greece and i see this forum today.
I am from Patra (European capital of culture)
In the past i was radio pirate (electronica). all that you say is true and here is a community off radio ptrates.
My english is poor , i was glad to find your forum and i hope to have communication.
best regards
Tasos ELECTRONICA from Patras GREECE :)

Post Sat Feb 04, 2006 15:50 pm

Hello tasos

Hello Tassos. First glad to see you did find this forum.
I did have reactions from two pirates from Greece,
they would like to get listed in the address list. But they didnt have any contact information, so i also could not contact them, as we do have a mailform on the page here were people can contact us without sharing any contact information,
maybe the greeg pirates could use this forum as the contacting tool with listeners in Europe.
I also have a few friend in greece that i could contact to translate if nessecairly (zacherias??? are you in :D )

Post Sat Feb 04, 2006 16:22 pm


I am zacharias , just a guest here and for the first time writing for ALI list.
If any one wants for further dicsusisons n the topic he may contact me at greek dx (at) ote net dot gr . I am l hard on looking at web pages for emails

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