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Post Thu Jan 19, 2006 20:06 pm

Radio Tornado

Does anybody know a emailadres from Radio Tornado in Croatia ?
Our a website.
I had a short QSO whit him on wednesday 18 jan.
And i would like to send him something.

greetings from Johan
Radio Tubantia - Netherlands

Post Thu Jan 19, 2006 21:10 pm

Hello Johan!

I have his e-mail (from one other Dutch station, he might not want to be mentioned....) and I have reply from Tornado.
I even phoned to his GSM (his English is not good)!

It might be wise to to publish Radio Tornado e-mail here, so you can mail a message to me - and I will mail it forward to him!!

You can find my e-mail from

There is also a photo of Radio Tornado's transmitter (beautiful!) on my page.


Harri Kujala
Naantali - Finland
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Post Thu Jan 19, 2006 21:26 pm

Hey, Harri, a short url

Hey, Harri, I saw you have a tk domain name, its anoying and gives adverticing. I made a one, if you don't like it i will remove it again, Gues ist a lot better without adverticing and its FREE, heheh
Greetings Alfred
alfred.zoer [ad]

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