Post Mon Nov 28, 2005 22:13 pm

A telephone calling to Greek pirate

Monday 28.11.2005

1642 kHz - UNID Greek pirate gave telephone 69 32 366 148 (gsm) around 21.40utc.
They played records for many hours.

I phoned to this number (with Skype it costs around local price) but again nobody talking English.
They were laughing much (perhaps they first took it as a local joke!) but I think they understood
that their signal was received in Finland (as I said Finlandia many times).
I played my recording of them via phone.

Later I think I heard them saying Finlandia many times between records!
Signal was good but unfortunately it was impossible to understand the name of the station.
However, I think it was something like Radio Toxo, but not sure.

My 300m longwire to South gives nice signals to Greeks - and one Russian is playing records
quite often between 1610 - 1620 kHz.

There must be one Greek station where one guy of the group can handle
a few words in English. Let's see. (I also have also mailed sms...)


Harri Kujala
Naantali (near Turku)
SW Finland