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Post Mon Sep 06, 2004 20:45 pm

Logs Dave Valko USA 5-9-04

5 September 2004 Greetings to one and all!! This is the first micro-DXpedition report since about March. Conditions looked favorable Saturday, so I decided to make a trek up to the remote QTH for a few hours Saturday night (Sunday morning). The reception window for European pirates is still short with fade out around 0700, so not much was heard. Conditions were fair but there was a moderate amount of static QRN as well.

RX: NRD-535D
ANT: Beverage of 300' at 40 degrees +/-
QTH: State Game Lands #26
Duration: 0500-0730 UTC
Solar Indices: Solar Flux = 99, A Index = 1, and K Index = 1 !!! No storms.
WX: Clear and calm with a very bright waning crescent Moon. About 62 degrees (17 C.).

6210.02 Laser Hot Hits, 0503-0608, M anncr over mx w/mailing addr and LHH e-mail addr. 0505 into "Turn It On Again" by Genesis. 0509 M w/P.O. Box addr, and e-mail addr again. Jingles and laser SFX. "Stomp" by Brothers Johnson at 0608 recheck. Off at 0640 recheck. //6218.7 and others. This freq the best of all by far. (5 Sept.)

6218.75 Laser Hot Hits, 0516, Rock mx, //6210.02, 7464.88, 4025.33, and possibly 9385 however it was weak w/QRM from 9390 jammer and 9380 UTE. This freq drifted down to 6218.68 by 0653. Still there with a very weak het at 0730. (5 Sept.)

6309.18 Only a weak het amidst UTEs at 0530. Someone here?? (5 Sept.)

6290 Weak het at 0531. Wasn't there 3 min. earlier. Horrible intermittent pulsing UTEs. (5 Sept.)

6259.58 UNID. OC at 0546. Seemed to be adjusting the xmtr. Thought I hrd extremely weak mx for a time, but probably not. Went off at 0550. Never returned. (5 Sept.)

6286.86 UNID. 0613-0633 nonstop mostly unrecognizable Pop and Rock mx, however I did recognize "Samba Pa Ti" by Santana from 0623-0627. "And I Want You" by Annie Lennox from 0633-0637 w/finally a deep-voice M anncr very briefly over the end of the song twice at 0635 and 0636. Same M again at 0638, probably an ID over song. 0643-0645 seemed like a pleasant Dutch sounding song. 0645 M again but just to weak by this time. 0646-0649 "Little Green Bag" by The George Baker Selection. 0649 M back w/anmnt over "Little Green Bag" and continued end of song. Must've just prior to 0613 t/in as it wasn't there 4 minutes earlier during tune-through. Pretty nice signal at t/in too, but started fading pretty quickly after 0625. Drifting down a little to 6286.81 by 0632. Anyone know who this was?? (5 Sept.)

6315.09 Extremely weak het here at 0726. Station here?? (5 Sept.)

6306.68 Another extremely weak het here at 0726. Sounded like possible mx though at 0728. Was someone here?? (5 Sept.)

It was nice to get out and listen again. Since its still a little early in the year, I probably won't go out again for 3 or 4 weeks.

73's Dave


Post Tue Sep 07, 2004 14:11 pm


Hello Dave
The station you heard on 6286.86 is probably R.Saturnus (NL). i have received this station the same time as you did. The e-mail adress is radiosaturnus@hotmail.com if you like to send a report to Martin.

Greetings Peter J

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