BBC on 6245 0033z

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Post Sat Oct 09, 2004 00:34 am

BBC on 6245 0033z

Is this a normal BBC freq?


Post Thu Oct 14, 2004 13:26 pm

Yestersay I heard the BBC in 6245KHz

about at 10 o'clock in the evening (local time)

with commercial Samsung receiver (with telescope antenna)

QTH: near Budapest, in Hungary

73&DX, 88!
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Post Thu Oct 14, 2004 14:14 pm

Hey! That's 5KHz off my backup TX Verry-angry::

"Tubes are the spice of life"
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Post Thu Oct 14, 2004 18:18 pm

BBC ? Probably a unnoficial relay...

On sunday 10th Oct, I logged an UNID on approx 6275 kHz, relaying what appeared to a BBC recording, (albeit rather weak with a good bit of QRM)... I think it's more than likely just a "Pirate" relaying old recordings.

Was the BBC station logged on 6245 a parallel live b'cast, would you know, or was it archive stuff :?:

Just curious...

Robin B.

Post Fri Oct 15, 2004 13:35 pm


I think, it was a paralell live bcast!

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Post Fri Oct 15, 2004 17:11 pm


Is it possible you heard a mixing product on 6245? While chasing Europirates in the evenings in New York, I sometimes come across products I believe are from Sackville. Next time you hear something on 48 meters that doesn't sound quite right, check between 5950 and 6000. I frequently get Radio Japan on 48, when it is on 5960. I know it's not my radio (Drake R8B), as others have reported it, but I was quite surprised to see that 6245 is also being heard in Hungary, so maybe this one is not a mixing product?

Szia edl!

Van e Magyarországon pirate rádióállomás a rövidhullámon?


Kíváncsi Gyuri

Post Sat Oct 16, 2004 11:21 am

Szia Kiváncsi Gyuri!

Először is, nagyon-nagyon jól esett, hogy magyarul tetted fel a kérdésedet!

Jelenleg aktív rövidhullámú kalóz nincsen Magyarországon, de korábban 48 méteren a RádióMIX működött.

Én is kísérleteztem egy házi építésű adóval 6200-7000KHz között. Szeretném is folytatni, de még sok mukára van ahhoz szükség, hogy minden jó legyen, és az állomás készen álljon a rendszeres műsorsugárzásra.
Ez volt az első adásom :lol:

Ãœdvözöllek Magyarországról (Pátyon lakom, Budapesttől 20km-re nyugatra), 73&DX!

(If you can't understand/translate that I wrote, I post it in hungarian language too!)

Post Sat Oct 16, 2004 11:23 am

A hangfelvétel egy olyan adásról készült, amit 585KHz-en, középhullámon sugároztam.
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Hardcore Gold Piratear

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Post Sat Oct 16, 2004 12:31 pm

Hungarian Pirates

Tudok majd segíteni a házi építésű adóval, kuldjon egy private message-t nekem. Sajnos nehéz nekem irni Magyarul (NY-ban suletem), de az olvasás könnyebben megy.

Mikor Magyarorságon vagyok, Pécsett szoktam lenni.



(We are going to continue this conversation in private, as I doubt many of you know Hungarian!) The gist of it is I was asking if there are any Hungarian shortwave pirates. There was one fairly recently, Radio Mix, but I remember trying for it, and there is too much utility QRM on 6250.[/code]

Post Sat Oct 16, 2004 13:53 pm

OK George!

Please send me an e-mail here:

(i can't write you a private message, because i haven't registrated yet)



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