Post Fri Jul 07, 2006 16:34 pm

BRIs July broadcasts.

Hopefully we shall be on air from 10am UK time this Sunday with our usual broadcast, being repeated on the 4th Sunday, freq 6240khz.

Featured in the programme will be some audio clips from the Radio 270 tribute which was broadcast via BBC Radio York, also the DJ profile is Paul Burnett who of course worked for 270 in the 60s.

Reception reports as always would be very helpful to

Its been several weeks now since the BRIs website was updated, we are sorry but our webmaster has been very busy also he has recently suffered some personal family loss.

We are looking for more people to join the forum on the website, this is updated most weeks, thanks to the people who have bothered to contribute so far,

Not confirmed yet? but BRI might be running a BIG L Fab 40 on the 30th July start time either 9am or 10am on 6240khz.