Sligo European Radio - The Easter Broadcast that wasn't

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Post Fri May 19, 2006 20:18 pm

Sligo European Radio - The Easter Broadcast that wasn't

Hello Anoraks.

After the disasterous non-appearance due to severe technical problems on April 26th 2006.

Sligo European Radio has the pleasure of announcing our next transmission, which will be

this Sunday, May 21st between 0700 GMT (0800 BST) and 1200 GMT (1300 BST).

This transmission, from our new transmitter site, will be on 9330khz on the 32 Metre short-

wave band.

The programme schedule for this transmission is as follows:

06.45 GMT Transmitter switch-on.
07.00 GMT Steven McCloud
08.00 GMT Jon Seabrook.
09.00 GMT Musical Memories with Elvis.
10.00 GMT Mike Cullen.
11.00 GMT Chris Jensen.
12.00 GMT Station Closedown

All reception reports are invited at our e-mail address: and

if you can include a 2 or 3 minute, good quality recording, of our output as an attachment

to your reception report, be would be delighted to hear from you.

Looking forward to hearing from you, hearing from us.

Yours sincerely

Chris Jensen - Owner - Sligo European Radio
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Hardcore Gold Piratear
Hardcore Gold Piratear

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Post Sat May 20, 2006 13:10 pm

Predicted Signal Levels

Good luck with the broadcasts Chris.

I checked with VOACAP (the free propagation prediction program developed by the VOA: and came up with the following results:

Your signal into Frankfurt during those hours will be about S7 for a 10 watt transmitter. The MUF will be too low for you to be heard in the UK.

In New York at 0700 UTC, signal strength will be S1-S2. A better time to try if you want to reach the USA would be around 2300 UTC, when predicted SNR will be 20 dB, at S2-S3 levels.



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Hardcore Gold Piratear
Hardcore Gold Piratear

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Post Sun May 21, 2006 10:42 am


Hello sligo

I receved your signal here in the Netherlands, it wasn't strong but i could hear your.
The signal strenght on my receiver was from below the noise level up to S6 and not much interference.
The receiver is a FRG8800 with a inverted L antenna aprox 30 meters long.

Greetings Jan

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