Post Mon Apr 17, 2006 20:16 pm

Sligo European Radio - The Easter Broadcast that wasn't

The presenters and myself Chris Jensen, owner of Sligo European Radio, wish to apologise to all our listeners and our growing army of loyal fans, for the non-appearance of our scheduled programmes on Sunday 16th April 2006.

The non-appearance was caused by major technical problems at a new transmitter site we were trying out, and was caused by severe RF feeback which produced a loud audiable hum on our transmitted signal.

The problem was so severe and was not immediately rectifiable, leaving us with no alternative but to unfortunately cancel our planned broadcast.

However, Sligo European Radio shall return on Sunday 21st May 2006, with all our problems solved and extended transmission times, lasting from 08.00 BST until 13.00 BST.

Fight For Free Radio

73's - Jon Seabrook, Steven MacLeod and Chris Jensen