How low ken we go? ( 500mW )

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Post Thu Apr 13, 2006 17:16 pm

How low ken we go? ( 500mW )

. LPAM!!! 500MilliWatt!!!
the now coming days we go testing with 500mW

RadioRob on 48M – 6400-6300 khz.

On SW – LPAM low power AM ( 500mW )
With only 500mW :?

Very difficult to receive

How low ken we go? :roll:

SW-MW-FM Pirates that’s the hobby!
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Post Thu Apr 13, 2006 18:29 pm

re low power

Hello Rob,

Better post it if you are on air! Because of the low power, strainge propagations and skip it could be another station will go on top of you! And are you testing ON 6300 and 6400kc or BETWEEN 6300 and 6400kc?

Please post also the freq you are testing on.

btw Yesterday I heard Vrolijke mijnwerker with only 800mWatt, see other topic.

Good luck.

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Post Thu Apr 13, 2006 22:36 pm

A lot can be achieved on VERY low power,as long as you have a good aerial,good earth,good conditions & a clear frequency.As you can see,the list is long and so the task is not easy.But many years ago(Too many for me to count!)I and a few friends built tiny 250mw rigs,that only had about 15 components & were able to QSO quite happily on 48m with no problems.

Andy Richards.

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