Testing from USA

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Post Sun Apr 02, 2006 20:59 pm

Testing from USA

If anyone in Europe will be awake tonight, I would like to try a DX test transmission around 2300 UTC. Power output will be 20 watts.

The A and K index are very low, so propagation should be good.

Marcel in France has already heard one of my transmissions with only 10 watts, and last night I could hear my signal on a DX Tuner in Sweden.

Please e-mail me if you will be listening tonight, and I will give you the frequency. I will QSL 100%

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Post Mon Apr 03, 2006 15:41 pm


Shit, i think i have missed this one.. your test was running yesterday , right,, will you be on a vryday and saturday aswell???
Greetings Alfred
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Post Mon Apr 03, 2006 17:14 pm

I missed the test also, if you should do a new try then i shall listen out for you. I received in the past a couple of US stations on 6955, but that was years ago.

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Post Tue Apr 04, 2006 20:25 pm

Me I was with listening but it is really late for us maintaining 23H00 UTC it is that into same 1H00 local morning, I went to bed with 0H30 local time I thought that the TEST was finished. Not Z-Man assure me that it emitted well with 23H00 UTC. Now it is easier to collect with 20 Watts!!!i I collected it with 10 Hi Watts. :P
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