Post Fri Mar 24, 2006 21:50 pm

SER On air this Sunday

Hello everybody.

Sligo European Radio will be making their March broadcast this Sunday 26th on 9330 Khz in the 32 metre short-wave band, 08.00 and 10.40 GMT.

Sligo European Radio is an unlicenced radio station playing golden oldies
right across Europe from its studio's in a lonely farmyard a few miles
outside Sligo Town in the North-West of the Irish Republic.

Reception reports are as always gratfully received and will be rewarded with an SER QSL card.

Reception reports should be sent to and if you can make a recording of our output as an mp3 file please attach a copy of it to your reception report e-mail.

To find out more about Sligo European Radio you can log on to our website at:

Good luck and happy listening from all the crew at Sligo European Radio