US test

Here Stations and Listeners can anounce pirate transmisions on Medium and Short wave

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Post Sun Mar 19, 2006 04:26 am

US test

I will be on 6315 UTC, if it is a clear freq., from 05 utc for a copple of hours with low power and english music .
Will be at the Alfa Lima chat box for talk back. :P :P :P

Greetings Johan.

Post Sun Mar 19, 2006 07:07 am

good signal here in Poland, sinpo 43243. rx is yaesu frg-7700, antenna is
approx 1/4 lambda for this band (something like 10-12m)

id as "radio veronica here in the netherlands", played "great balls of fire", "la bamba".

this is the first pirate radio station i've copied :)

Post Sun Mar 19, 2006 08:04 am

Hello Lipa, tnks very much for listen to my station.
You are the first Polish stations who is answer my reply here!!!
Never got a report from your country, so very happy with that.
If you like a written report and photo's by e-mail from my station write a short swl-report towards

Greetings Johan.
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Post Sun Mar 19, 2006 12:16 pm

Hello Lipa

Hello Lipa. aswell welcome to the sw pirates board.
Indeed that we dont have that much listeners from Poland.
I can count them i think on one or two hands.
wonder how you did find this board.
also and other question, do you know some sites in poland related to pirate radio or shortwave?
Or maybe other listeners over there?
Greetings fropm Alfred.. owner of and the Pirate station Alfa Lima International
alfred.zoer [ad]

Post Mon Mar 20, 2006 16:23 pm

thanks for the welcome :)

You are right that there aren't many SWLs in Poland - but i don't know the reason for this, there is a lot of people with ham licenses, so there should be many SWLs also.

The only pirate radio activity, apart from CB freebanding, that i am aware of is on vhf fm (both using the standard CCIR band, and using the old OIRT band - 65-74MHz). There was once a great tradition of pirate fm during the communist times - usually small time-activated throw-away fm transmitters with <10W of power. You can check out (only in Polish).

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