Post Sat Dec 17, 2005 21:07 pm

Bermuda 18.12. starting 14 UTC live with Mr T.REX

Dear listeners,

there will be no broadcast on tomorrow morning,but on afternoon starting at 14.00 UTC, live from a new transmitting site. Together with Mr. T REX.
The reason why is the bad weather here in Germany. We run the transmitter mobile from somewhere in the german woods, so bad touch for the hobby. But we will be back next week very soon also on the usual time.
Announcements will follow within the next days.

Thanks for all the listeners who phoned in last sunday morning. Great success for us, had more listeners from abroad, than from Germany. Never have had that before.
Thanks to the to DXers from the USA, Dave and George, for the reports. Nice to see thats enough to run 20 Watts to cross the Atlantic Ocean from our area. Thanks also for the callings and SMS from the Netherlands, Latvia, Finland, Austria and Italy.

Till tomorrow afternoon on 48 meter-band.

DJ Dipol